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RC Shock Wraps, located in North Dallas, Texas, is a family owned business specializing is providing the worlds first and only 100% custom printed RC Shock Wraps worldwide!
We also offer the largest selection in RC Shock Wraps in the world!
Aside from our custom printed shock wraps, we still offer a large selection of standard shock wraps found commonly in the market.
As a current RC hobbyist of over 12 years, as well as my wife and kids who also enjoy the hobby, I wanted to give fellow hobbyist something new and unique to allow us to enjoy and express ourselves more in the RC hobby.
Our shock wraps help protect your shocks from debris while also giving your RC a cool and unique look with designs not found anywhere else.
We digitally scale the graphics to fit your specific make/model shock springs and all production is done in house and only outsource to the best suppliers for our fabrics.
At the end of the day, it is our goal that you are happy with your product and our services!
We thank you greatly for your support of our small business and look forward to helping you with your next RC project! We will continue to innovate to keep bringing you new and unique ways to help enjoy the hobby with your friends and family!
Stay awesome and share the love for RC!
Mac Family